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Today was Erin and Patrick's baby shower! They expected a large group for their Jack and Jill party with family and friends.

We created this Jungle theme for them to go along with the baby's room in greens, browns and yellows. We had a small table to decorate, but made the most of it.

We called these "Jungle Pops" - basically chocolate dipped marshmallows rolled in coconut or graham cracker crumbs (like a smore!). We dressed them to look like baby rattles. They were a big hit!

We also made some Rice Crispy Bites - peanut butter rice crispy balls dipped in chocolate. YUM!

We covered these votive candles to match the theme.

We also made some chocolate covered pretzels and filled a jar with "jungle" baby kisses with coordinated theme stickers on the bottom. So cute!

And my favorite part of all... the CAKE!

...and the cupcakes - of course!

This theme is available NOW in the Clickable Party store.



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