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searching for amy atlas labels for dessert tables

I am in love with Amy Atlas dessert table´s labels, does anyone know where to get them? or what program to use to print them? i noticed she prints different color ones and victorian designs

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You can also create your own in Photoshop and using digital scrapbooking software!
I use Photoshop 6.0 and then I go to digital scapbook sites and download the pre-made templates and then tweak in PS. I do have to say, it is a big learning curve with PS - you have to be consistent with using it to become proficent!
In the past, I have used Print Shop 20 but that was not giving me what details I wanted....
I hope this helps!
thank you very much i am definetly going to do that and master it
I was listening to Amy this morning on a video and mention she got hers from but I'm not sure how she is spelling it! I have had no luck finding the website.. but will continue looking.
Visit they have amazing party favors for all occasions, including super cute personalized lables.
Lots of great people on are creating pretty party printables at reasonable prices. Much easier than learning Photoshop! :)

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