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OMG!!!! My first 'proper' dessert table!!!!!

OK - I am officially pooing my pants as I have just been asked to create a dessert table for a friend of a friends wedding!!!!   The only other dessert tables I have done before have been for close friends' parties with no more than 30 people at them, but this wedding reception will have up to 150 people!!!!  But I am going to be brave and with some help from hubby, a friend for moral support, and some great local cake makers I reckon I can nail it! 

I have my cake and candy suppliers sorted and they can do bespoke stuff for me which is great and I will add embelishments etc based on the design theme.

Her wedding theme and dress has a vintagy feel so I am going to base my design on an ivory based vintage/shabby chic look and keep the accent colours pale pastels. 

I have taken advice from an article on the Ruffled blog by Melody from Sweet & Saucy Shop and will have 3-4 mini dessets per person and 5-6 choices.  The Bride to be wants mini cupcakes, macaroons, individual mousses in shot glasses, cake pops, mini cheescakes, personalised chocolate bars and cherry cookies.  

The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it's best to lay out all the food out over two or three tables or have just the main table and replenish it as necessary (should I trust the catering staff at the event to do this or is this something I should do)?

I would love to hear anyone elses experiences of their first 'proper' dessert bar for an event or party.  Funny, disastrous, best bits, unexpected pitfalls - I'd love to hear. 

Have fun!


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