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Hey! I am new to both Amy Atlas and this site and just wanted to say hi from England! Is there anyone else here from this side of the pond?  I discovered the amazing Amy a few weeks ago kinda by accident whilst researching something completely different and was blown away!  She has given me inspiration to try it myself and I made my first dessert table for my friends 30th last Saturday.  I made everything myself and everyone loved it.  The theme was a child's party and retro toys (not sure if all the toys are familiar in the USA).  I have put some photos of it up in the photos section - let me know what you think for my first attempt!!  Still working my way around the website - it's fab.  Bye, Love Becky. xxx PS - Is Amy's book being released in the UK??

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Hi Rebecca! Our president was with you today :). I'm new too!

Hi Anne! Welcome to another newbie! Yeah - President Obama came to the UK and do you know what our douche-bag, country-wrecking spam-head Prime Minister layed out for his guests meal? A freaking BBQ in the back garden of Number 10!!!!!!!!????????  What the...?????  Maybe he got confused and thought his Nan was coming over or something.  A BBQ for the President of the USA??  What a monumental idiot! It's not even like Brits are known for their BBQ's!  I dread to think what the Queen be serving up for him - fish and chips and a can of pop in the back of the car?? Should have come to my house for a dessert bar!!!

Oh you are too funny. Well maybe the Prime Minister thought all Americans love BBQ's :)!



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