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What kind of dessert tables would you like to see Amy Atlas Events create?

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The Halloween table was really inspiring and I'd love to see more seasonal tables from Amy to get inspiration for the holidays.
I am always in Christmas mode, I especially love a gingerbread theme. Would love to see Amy work this theme!
Hi Everyone,

I would like a dessert table for men. Not football themes, something either for a bachelor party or a corporate gathering where there are usually more men than women. Thanks.

Amy could create a dessert table at a landfill and it would be fantastic! ANY Amy Atlas themed table gets my vote.
Andrea Scatuccio -The Dessert Fairy (Long Island)
I usually make small parties for my daugther at home....always try to invent new and different friends loves to come and what surprise i have for I'm planning my daugther 5th birthday.....this will be Asian tea party........and will love to have some ideas for the decorations.....thanks!!!
What about an English garden tea party. not biased at all :)
I would also like to see more holiday themed dessert tables. I would like to see the same type of "amy atlas" tables but done on a smaller scale, say if you were entertaining a group of 20 people or less, and still make it a great "impact" table but on a much smaller scale.
I would love to see a 30th birthday candy bar/dessert table.
It would so inspiring if i get to see a wedding anniversary themed dessert table.
Holiday themes.
this is a unique one. i am jewish, and when a boy turns 3 it is a huge celebration. i i will be making one in may and would love your ideas. theme is tree( boy is compaired to a tree), first hair cut, and he will be wearing for the first time the garments called kipa and tzitzit. could you help me!!!
i did see the tree centerpiece by the pool, i loved it!!! can you give me more ideas ?
I'd love to see a Christmas theme (more red and green rather than a frosty white) as well as a garden theme (but more greens than flowers, so maybe a Japanese garden). Also, a black and white dessert buffet.

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